Vehicle Based Services

Sale and Leaseback

Release your capital

By outright purchasing fleet and plant assets, organisations are tying up significant amounts of capital within their fleet when these funds could potentially be used on more beneficial projects. By opting for sale and leaseback with Essential, you'll release the capital tied up within your fleet assets.

By opting for sale and leaseback with Essential, you'll release the capital tied up within your fleet assets

Essential will agree a sale value with you for the fleet to be immediately realised with a cash injection which can then be channelled back into delivering front line services. The fleet will then be leased back to you by Essential for a fixed fee over an agreed hire period. As the vehicle fleet is leased back to you at a fixed monthly charge, you'll be able to establish a clear budget over the hire period.

Contract maintenance

You may wish to lease vehicles from Essential without maintenance and, instead, provide this through your own workshop. Alternatively, we offer a contract maintenance package which will help you to meet operational needs whilst at the same time removing the uncertainty of maintenance cost and replacing it with a fixed payment.

Where fleet assets are of a significant age, scheduled maintenance can be provided on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis which covers your fleet for inspections, servicing and MOT but which also gives you the option to maintain the vehicle as and when required.  

Reducing costs

Sale and Leaseback also removes the risk associated with vehicle disposals, such as the challenge of finding a buyer and overcoming price fluctuations in the used vehicle market.  Overall fleet administration and management costs are reduced.

Essential Fleet Services has managed sale and leasebacks for large and complex Local Authority fleets, helping councils to benefit from a significant cash injection and continuity of service through the on-going utilisation of their existing fleet.

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Vehicle Remarketing

Hassle-free vehicle remarketing and disposals

Essential manages the whole-life vehicle procurement process for our customers, from specification through to the build and delivery process, management during its operational life and ending with the remarketing and disposal of your vehicles.

We take the worry out of vehicle disposals, even where Essential were not the suppliers

When the time comes to dispose of vehicles as they reach end of life or when a contract comes to an end, we’ll take the worry out of this for you, even where Essential were not the suppliers. Our dedicated fleet management team will manage the handover and hand back processes, to ensure that they run smoothly to minimise recharges.

To maximise revenues, we'll also assess the condition of the vehicles to see if there is any remedial work required which could allow you to benefit from an improved sale value and we'll organise the work and manage the repair process. We'll look after all aspects of the sale process, from advertising the vehicle through to the change of ownership administration. And if the vehicle needs to be moved prior to sale, we'll arrange collection and transport to a more suitable location.

The vehicle will be marketed directly to our targeted database, through the wider printed trade press and via our optimised website. When we attract an interested party, we'll manage the sale of the vehicle, including vehicle tours and test drives, payment processing and change of ownership paperwork.

Minimising 'end of hire' charges

For your peace of mind, we’ll regularly report on the condition of your vehicles to identify any necessary repairs and prevent end of hire charges. We’ll also work with our local supply chain partners to ensure that end of hire charges on short term hire vehicles are realistic and kept to a minimum.

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Accident Management

Essential’s in-house accident management team take care of all elements of the accident claim process on behalf of our customers, from a driver's first notification of an incident to the successful resolution of arising claims. Essential's service includes out-of-hours emergency accident recovery, temporary replacement vehicles, repair network management, uninsured loss recovery and third party claims handling and intervention (where required).

We hold detailed data on each case and are able to provide a full suite of reports regarding current and resolved claims, by cost centre, department or even by driver.

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Warranty Support

Essential Fleet Services currently manages over 4000 items of essential fleet and plant and, as a result, we have excellent relationships with all of the major vehicle manufacturers and specialist equipment suppliers. Where our customers are experiencing issues with ongoing warranty claims, our highly experienced team of Fleet Engineers are able to work on behalf of the customers to escalate the problems with the supplier and achieve a satisfactory outcome.

Warranty support also applies to those vehicles that are out of warranty but which may attract goodwill claims from the original equipment manufacturer.

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Tyre Management

Essential delivers a national tyre management provision for our customers, providing tyres on a either a ‘fair wear and tear’, ‘unfair wear and tear’ or ‘no quibble’ basis. The service includes regular onsite inspections to identify any potential problems at an early stage, tyre husbandry including tyre re-cutting and turning on rim, wheel re-torquing, 24/7, 365 days a year roadside assistance and replacement tyre cover and a tyre betterment policy.

Our performance is underpinned by customer-specific service level agreements and, in addition to reporting on service delivery against Service Level Agreements, we're able to supply customers with detailed information by cost centre, department and even by vehicle.

Essential ensures all tyre provider partners have robust recycling and disposal policies in place for end of life tyres.

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Service Scheduling

Ensuring fleet vehicles and plant are serviced and inspected to achieve O licence compliance is a critical function for any Fleet Manager and Essential supports this function, even where we're not the primary maintenance provider.

We have a wealth of experience in tailoring service and inspection regimes for both our customers and our own fleet, to comply with manufacturer and O licence requirements, and, at the same time, maximise the up-time of the fleet. We're able to work with customers to identify lulls in workload and times of peak activity, the operation of business critical vehicles and any other staff or resource issues to develop a service schedule that meets all operational requirements and O licence commitments.

Once in place, we'll constantly monitor the schedule, issuing reminders to drivers that vehicles are due in for inspection or servicing. We have escalation procedures in place to notify nominated customer contacts of missed appointments and are able to provide reporting on vehicle ‘no shows’ and O licence non compliance.

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Telematic systems using GPRS and GPS technology allow fleet managers to reduce vehicle mileage, plan and schedule routes, track vehicles, deliveries and jobs and communicate with mobile workers on the road.

Essential has successfully deployed different systems with several customers, including winter maintenance, waste collection, street scene and our own passenger services fleet. We're also available to assist customers with the interpretation of data generated by a telematics system.

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Fuel Management

Working with our customers, we implement and manage fuel card schemes which provide the best balance of low fuel costs coupled with optimum availability of fuelling locations, offering our experience and purchasing power to our customers.

Should you wish to hold fuel, including bio fuels on site, we can source, install and manage all of the system components you'll require, including fuel, fuel storage equipment, waste interception equipment and pumping and data collection equipment. You may also need advice on any associated issues that will arise such as building or planning regulations, or changes to premises insurance. We also co-ordinate the ongoing maintenance of the site equipment.

Our dedicated compliance team will risk assess the site prior to and after installation of the fuel and equipment and offer guidance on resolving any identified issues regarding site health and safety, fire precautions and environmental impact. Fuel data will be checked and validated by Essential and we're able to provide regular summary reports or supply the raw data files to the customer in an agreed format.

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