License Checking

Standard Driver Licence Checks

£7 per driver check

  • Confidence your drivers are licensed and insured
  • Avoid fines under corporate manslaughter and H&S legislation
  • Reduce risk of misinterpreted information, fraud and dishonesty
  • Full online process
  • Frequency of checks can be automated based on risk profile
  • Consent valid for 3 years – saving you time

Grey Fleet Checks

£1 per driver check

  • Ensure all your grey fleet drivers have:
    1. Current MOT
    2. Road tax
    3. Insurance

Standard Driver License checks and grey fleet checks are reported via a single online portal.

Essential Fleet’s license checking service is registered with the information commissioner as a data controller and holds ISO 27001

Essential license checking

  • A web based solution for employers to routinely check employee driving licences on an agreed electronic frequency basis
  • Reporting and correspondence is ONLINE by secure access to a bespoke client portal and email updates
  • Licence record reports are accessed via our partners approved software interface with the DVLA
  • Essential’s license checking partner Drivercheck is registered with the ICO as a data controller and holds ISO 27001 (secure data management)
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Why check your driver’s license’s

36000 drivers at risk of losing license, over 7000 driving with 12+ points

  • Employers have a “Duty of Care” to their employees and responsibility under the Health & Safety At Work Act 1974
  • Road traffic accidents at work are the single largest cause of occupational fatality in the UK (source – department of transport)
  • Police will check whether a driver involved in an accident was on company business at the time
  • Disqualified/Revoked drivers will not always disclose their licence status to the employer.
  • Drivers may have received points on their licence but be unaware of this
  • Ad hoc or routine checks carried out by a business are often missed due to conflicting priorities
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Risks of not checking

  • Company vehicle drivers on the road without a valid driver licence could be involved in a serious road incident/fatality
  • Corporate manslaughter charges or significant fines (potentially as much as Annual Turnover)
  • Reputational damage (within the client’s industry sector or the media)
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The license checking process

  • Drivers provide their consent to have their licence checked remotely via either E-Consent (to their e-mail inbox) or via the completion of a paper mandate. (both valid for 3 years and renewed thereafter)
  • Drivercheck holds the above authority and reports on a pre-agreed frequency to the driver’s employer
  • Drivers who hold a foreign licence can have their licence of origin validated by Drivercheck
  • Employees’ vehicles, used for business purposes, can be checked for holding a current MOT, road tax and business insurance. This is known as ‘Grey Fleet checking’ – vehicle details provided separately
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Using the Essential solution provided by DriverCheck provides a fully managed Licence Package, designed to provide a professional support for Driver Licence Checking

No driver licences will be checked without advising the Client – therefore, no checks will be carried out unnecessarily, avoiding unnecessary invoices

Users can have full or limited visibility of all driver data

  • For multi location businesses, Drivercheck provides a consistent & professional approach to an employer’s driving licence checking responsibility
  • For large fleets, every driver’s licence will be checked without fail. There is no room for error
  • The roadways are busier than ever – why run the risk of a driver going behind the wheel WITHOUT a valid licence
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