Essential Telematics Solutions

From £12.50 per vehicle p/m

Essential Telematics

  • Reduce your insurance premiums by up to 15%
  • Immediate accident notification to deliver proactive driver support
  • Live vehicle tracking via GOOGLE maps - know where your drivers are in real time
  • Improve driver behaviour;
    • weekly league tables to reward drivers for safe and efficient driving
    • reduce fuel and maintenance spend
    • reduce accidents
  • Control vehicle usage
  • Full online reporting

Essential Gold Telematics add £2.50 per vehicle p/m

  • Accident reconstruction
  • Geo fence management – ensuring drivers keep to agreed routes/area

Essential Platinum Telematics add £5 per vehicle p/m

  • Bespoke dashboards
  • Proactive maintenance alerts based on mileage, engine use or time

Telematics solutions successfully supplied by Essential and used by;

Flintshire County Council

Suffolk Highways

Northamptonshire Highways

Surrey Highways

Lincolnshire Highways

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Minimum contract term. Set up and installation charges apply.

Telematics units

  • Hardwired or OBD installation 
  • Battery Installation option available
  • Self-calibrating 3 axis accelerometer – Once installed
  • Proprietary pattern recognition algorithms combining accelerometer and vehicle data to detect driving behaviour such as;
    • Excessive acceleration
    • Harsh braking
    • Lane swerving
    • Harsh cornering
    • Excessive idling 
    • Accident notification and reconstruction
  • Trip summary and mileage management
  • Location recording
  • Geo-fencing including "No go zones" 
  • System alerts 
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Additional functionality

  • Driver Identification 
  • Input and output reporting 
  • Diagnostics codes reporting OBD and Canbus connection
  • Vehicle security 
  • Information on vehicle utilisation 
  • Driver safety improvement 
  • Monitoring of Co2 And Fuel consumption 
  • Accurate location of vehicles
  • Emailed reporting
  • Automated mileage capture 
  • Map out "as is" process and define "to be" process to include telematics technology
  • Create customised KPI’s inline with the operation
  • Driver ROI through monthly meeting specifically on telematics data 
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