Minibuses for Schools

School life is busier than ever and activities often extend beyond the traditional classroom environment.  With new and more exciting ways to learn and discover new experiences and places, we understand how essential your minibus is to handle everything from school trips to sporting events.

We also understand how important it is for school and colleges to make every penny of their budget count and we’ll support these aims by offering best value vehicle provision with the most appropriate choice of vehicle.  All our vehicles are fully compliant with emissions law, offering the most environmentally-friendly choice.

The best driver experience

Our minibuses have been specially selected for the best driver experience, with comfortable interiors. You’ll feel proud to transport pupils and students in a smart, modern and stylish vehicle, in keeping with your school or college reputation and high standards. Your vehicle will be delivered to you at your premises and we’ll organise a thorough handover to ensure your complete satisfaction.

Special offer: £250 book vouchers for your school or college, with every minibus ordered

The safest and most comfortable passenger experience

Safety is paramount and you can rest assured that your pupils and students are travelling in the safest and most comfortable passenger vehicles available.  Minibuses supplied by Essential are fully equipped to meet the highest safety standards and current legislation and include headrests as standard equipment, 3-point seatbelts to suit all ages, high visibility hand rails and unrestricted access.

Our vehicles offer a pleasant travelling environment, even for longer trips.  The interiors are fully trimmed and offer safe opening side windows.  Our minibuses are also fitted with 'quick release removable rear seats which help to comfortably accommodate wheelchair passengers.  Alternatively, you may wish to use the option of creating additional space for luggage.

Taking care of your vehicle

Our in-house maintenance support is delivered through a network of expert service centres.  We reach every part of the UK and we’re ready to support you and keep your vehicle on the road through regular servicing.

Competitive vehicle hire

By choosing to contract hire your minibus with Essential, you’ll have the option to put your capital to better use and, with a highly competitive fixed monthly charge, you’ll be able to establish a clear budget over the hire period, with no unexpected costs or surprises.  You’ll also benefit from the shortest possible vehicle supply lead times and reliable delivery dates.

Protecting your image and reputation

We’ll help to ensure you are appropriately presented in the community through your vehicle and offer a sign writing service to apply your school or college logo and livery to your minibus, completely free of charge.