Compliance Based Services

O Licence Compliance

At Essential Fleet Services we have a history of both operating, and supporting the operation of, fleets of passenger carrying vehicles. A dedicated team ensures compliance with O License requirements for our customers fleets. We understand that administration involved with ensuring compliance can be time-consuming and become a strain on resource and, as the holders of O Licences, we have established systems in place to manage and audit compliance.

With over 40 years of fleet compliance experience, our compliance services include driver hour regulation, vehicle maintenance scheduling and record keeping, daily driver walk-round checks, driver training requirements and driver training record keeping, understanding legislation and the impacts of changes in legislation and delivering Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) training for drivers and operators.

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Driving Licence Checks

Organisations that employ individuals to operate vehicles have a duty of care to ensure they have the correct licence entitlement for those vehicles. We already check the driving licence requirements and endorsements of our own passenger transport services drivers and can extend this to our customers to help them to meet their obligations under the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) regulations.

Checks are made annually or bi-annually, or at shorter intervals for specific groups or drivers. The checks identify any 'at risk' drivers who may require additional training or those that require medical checks for Heavy Goods Vehicle (HGV) or Passenger Service Vehicle (PSV) licence renewal.

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Driver Hours Compliance

Understanding driver hours requirements for O Licence compliance can be complicated. Our compliance team manages driver hours compliance for over 300 drivers working under EU and domestic regulations. Using proven systems and processes, we collect driver and vehicle tachograph data in accordance with O Licence regulations, identify working time directive and tachograph infringements and monitor incidences of harsh braking and speeding events.

We notify our customers of missing tachograph information or any other non-compliance issues. Once collected, we're able to report this data at cost centre, department or individual vehicle level.

Our Essential team can either train your staff to manage drivers' data according to O Licence requirements, or manage this on your behalf.

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Driver Training

The actions on the road of an individual fleet driver influences a number of key operational factors, including the number of breakdowns and tyre punctures, fuel usage, accidental or unfair wear and tear damage costs. All of these can have serious consequences for an organisation, from a financial, legal or safety perspective, but also in terms of your reputation.

Essential Fleet Services has worked with our customers to develop a number of driver training courses to address specific areas of concern including safe and more fuel efficient driving techniques, driver assessments and, where your drivers are also carrying others, passenger safety.

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